The Symbolic Meanings of Kente Material Designs Amongst The Asantes and Ewes of Ghana

Kente is without doubt one of the well-known indigenous cloths of Ghana. The origin of the craft is shared among the many Asante ethnic society within the southern a part of the Ashanti area and the Ewe ethnic society within the Volta area of Ghana. The instances of discovering the artwork of weaving and the designs among the many two teams had been simultaneous. Whereas the Asantes imagine that they learnt the craft from how grass naturally interlocks, the Ewes declare they learnt the craft from the purple and black stripped cobra which is their totem. No matter be the case, there are fascinating patterns and hues of the indigenous material which have fascinating symbolic meanings that reveal the values, norms and beliefs of the ethnic cultures. It’s important that wearers of this well-known Aesthetic Clothing know the that means of the designs and kinds in order that they will put on them to acceptable events.

Asante Kente Names and Designs

There are mainly 5 kente weave patterns on which the assorted advanced and various patterns originate. These are Adwin, Akyem, Ahwepan or Hweepan, Nkyeretire or Nkyereano and Faprenu.

• The Adwin kente sample is a design weave sample which very lovely. It’s famous for its advanced designs therefore the title Adwin (talent). It requires dexterity or nice talent on the a part of the weaver to have the ability to come out with this weave sample.

• The Akyem kente sample is famous for its vibrant nature. It was named after the native hen with totally different colored feathers referred to as Akyem by the Asantes of Ghana. As a result of variety in its colors, it’s costly and is worn by the rich within the society.

• The Ahwepan or Hweepan kente sample has no design in it therefore the title ‘hwee’ that means ‘nothing’. It’s the best of all of the weave patterns. No surprise it’s woven by amateurs and new apprentices.

• The Nkyeretire or Nkyereano kente sample has the designs showing solely on the edges (‘tire’or ‘ano’) of the woven material with the center of the fabric with no designs.

• The Faprenu kente sample has two or double (prenu) warp sheets woven along with one weft sheet. It is extremely compact, sturdy and sturdy. That is why it was worn by necessary personalities within the indigenous Ghanaian society.

• Kyeretwie (kyere- seize, twie- leopard). This kente weave sample means one’s capability to seize a stay leopard. Attributable to the truth that it’s a very painstaking process as such, this kente sample is related to energy, may and bravado. Its wearer was seen as such. Due to this fact, this kente sample was reserved and restricted for nice chiefs.

• Adwinasa (Adwin- talent, Asa-exhausted). This kente weave sample means the kente weaver has used or employed all the talents and designs that he is aware of within the weaving of the fabric and has exhausted all of them. It’s a very advanced weave sample which could be very costly. Due to this fact, necessary personalities and chiefs had been allowed to put on this kente sample.

• Obo fa, dade fa (partly stone, partly steel). This kente weave sample is worn for funeral ceremonies. It reminds members of the bereaved household and sympathizers that demise is a part of man (obo- we’re mud) subsequently we have to endure the lack of the liked one with a robust interior energy (dade- like steel).

Asante Kente Names and Designs

• Ehianaga (Ehiana-needed, ga- cash). It means cash is required within the Ewe tongue. It’s a beautiful sort of kente weave among the many Ewes. The title implies that to have the ability to buy the kente material requires an excessive amount of cash. It’s worn by the wealthy and well-known within the society.

• Lorlofukpekpe (lorlor- love, fukpekpe- was struggling). This kente weave sample serves as a reminder to the wearer and onlookers that one’s expectations could not at all times be fulfilled and that one could face disappointment or heartbreak from these she or he loves equivalent to companions, mates, and family.

• Afiadeke Mefa o (Afiadeke- Nowhere, Mefa- cool). This kente sample actually means ‘nowhere is cool’. It advises us that we want not crave for what different have and complain bitterly about our situation. It admonishes us to be content material or recognize who we’re, what now we have and the situations that we discover ourselves.

• Fiawo Yome (Fiawo- king, Yome- second or subsequent). This kente weave sample means ‘subsequent to kings or second to royals’. It’s a very lovely and costly weave sample. It’s worn by necessary folks within the society.