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The victimisation of Carlisle's Ben Hodgson reached a peak when the "Anti Ben Campaigners" formed. Not just your average group of Ben-hating teenagers, we had a string of successful singles, the best-remembered being "Ben is a Bummer".
Our group was forced to retire after one of our cassettes was passed about on a school trip, and a teacher listened to it.
Apparently, a group of boys dedicating every spare hour to writing songs about Ben bumming things was not only bullying, but it said more about us than it did about Ben.
approved Apr 29 2005, submitted Dec 17 2004 by S H
In year 8 Chris Tinning found out about vibrators, and showed off by asking everyone else if they knew what they were. This reached a momentary high point, when Craig Swainson decided to show off back, and told the impressive lie "yes, I do, and I've got one actually".
That day, Craig Swainson got a new nickname.
approved Apr 21 2005, submitted Dec 17 2004 by S H