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Dance, Dance,
Wherever he may be.
For I am the lord of
My dad's settee,
And I'll lead you now,
Wherever you may be
And I'll lead you all
In my dad's settee.

This never really made much sense, but I never questioned it and sang along with everyone else in assembly. Jesus was in charge of a piece of furniture and he could dance on it or fly around on it as he saw fit. Because that's what Jesus does.
approved Dec 17 2005, submitted Dec 15 2005 by Al Bruce
I'm so glad I'm not the only one. However, instead of the prosaic 'dad's settee', my version featured the more mysterious 'dawn settee.' The accompanying mental image of Jesus standing on a sofa, arms raised, with a psychedelic sun rising in the background was quite stirring.
approved Dec 28 2005, submitted Dec 27 2005 by Salad Meringue
Minus the sunlight
Minus the morning
Here in the bright light

Equally baffling was the reference to "springing, fresh from the lawn" which only added to the surreal imagery of the lyrics, perhaps referring to the blackbird who has pulled up some tasty worms.
approved Oct 12 2007, submitted Apr 25 2006 by anonymous user
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