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Alan was "special" in the energetic, disruptive, pissing-the-teacher-off kind of way. Textbook ADD hyperactivity I suppose, but as he wasn’t a mong we would play with him quite happily at breaktimes. One breaktime we were talking about the new Dairylea advert and musing on what we would do for a Dairylea triangle.

Alan said "Well, I wouldn't do this", stuck out his bottom slightly and then proceeded to shit himself. We played less with Alan after this.
approved Apr 22 2006, submitted Apr 20 2006 by Yellow Highlighter
Dairy Lee was the name given in primary school to Lee Stocker, because he was on milk tokens due to his family having no money.
approved Sep 30 2007, submitted Apr 27 2006 by Old Smokey
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