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Are you ABC? Watch out! What ABC stands for depends on your response.

Say yes, and you've confessed to being an African Bum Cleaner. Say no, and you've just denied that you are A Brilliant Child

This doesn't exactly work if you're going to be a dick about grammar. And it is, to be fair, only really funny if they say "yes", because that's the only way you get to say "oh Jesus you're an African Bum Cleaner, this is most irregular".
approved Sep 3 2011, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Ben Arnold
Also to add to your "abc" definition, it was used to denote the exchange of an "already been chewed" piece of gum from one kid to another.
approved Dec 3 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Mike G
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To punch thee
Prelude to punching someone in the chest, or the face if you like. Can be prevented by getting a punch in first - like most things, really.
approved Aug 9 2004, submitted Feb 16 2003 by rob harris
The victimisation of Carlisle's Ben Hodgson reached a peak when the "Anti Ben Campaigners" formed. Not just your average group of Ben-hating teenagers, we had a string of successful singles, the best-remembered being "Ben is a Bummer".
Our group was forced to retire after one of our cassettes was passed about on a school trip, and a teacher listened to it.
Apparently, a group of boys dedicating every spare hour to writing songs about Ben bumming things was not only bullying, but it said more about us than it did about Ben.
approved Apr 29 2005, submitted Dec 17 2004 by S H
In the 1980s, Northampton Borough Council workers drove around in yellow vans with 'NBC' on the side. We would therefore taunt the school fleabags by chanting "your dad works for Northampton Bum Cleaners".
Twenty years later, I now make a living cleaning bums in a Northampton old peoples home. The irony is sickening.
approved Nov 20 2007, submitted Dec 20 2006 by Mark P
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